Having high levels of wellbeing is good for people and their employers

Many organizations think that employee wellbeing is none of their business. According to Tom Rath, leader of Gallup‘s workplace research and leadership consulting practice, and Jim Harter, Gallup’s chief scientist for workplace management and wellbeing, it’s not true.

Rath, Harter, and teams of Gallup researchers spent years studying wellbeing to find out what it is and how to increase it. They surveyed people in more than 150 countries; partnered with leading economists, psychologists, sociologists, and physicians; and conducted and studied in-depth wellbeing research. Ultimately, as Rath and Harter wrote in their New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements – wellbeing is the fulfillment of five distinct factors. When those factors are fully realized, people thrive – and so do businesses.

The Five Essential Elements of Wellbeing
• Career Wellbeing: how you occupy your time – or simply liking what you do every day
• Social Wellbeing: having strong relationships and love in your life
• Financial Wellbeing: effectively managing your economic life
• Physical Wellbeing: having good health and enough energy to get things done on a daily basis
• Community Wellbeing: the sense of engagement you have with the area where you live

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